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Elliot Essman's innovative public speaking training techniques have helped a wide variety of people become confident, effective public speakers. Whether you are in business, one of the professions, government, education or public service, Elliot can show you how to break through barriers and reach new heights of self-development. Elliot is located in Westchester County, New York and also serves clients in New York City.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.--- What is your basic approach?
A.--- I train because I speak, based on three decades of speaking in business and community settings. I disagree strongly with many others in my profession who come from the world of the theater; techniques that work for actors are not appropriate for speakers. Of course I cover technique, with plenty of tips and tricks, but my main stress is on making my clients comfortable so their true voices can ring out.

Q.--- What kind of public speaking training can I expect? How long does it take?
A.--- If I am giving general public speaking training rather than helping a client with a specific speech or task, I use a modular approach. This begins with a full evaluation of your public speaking experience, goals and concerns. I then take you through individual training modules dealing with Speech Content, Attitudes, Perspectives, Dealing with Nervousness and Fear, Humor, Visuals, Body Movement and Voice. I find that ninety minutes is the best length for these public speaking training sessions, but I do longer sessions when appropriate. I use this structure for both individuals and groups. These sessions can be combined into a few mornings or afternoons, but they are particularly effective when done one at a time over a period of several months (letting it all sink in).

Q.--- Can you help me with my fear of speaking in front of groups?
A.--- This is my specialty. I help speakers realize that they're afraid of the wrong thing. Being silenced is the real danger. Even if speaking in front of groups petrifies you, I can get you through it.

Q.--- What about video?
A.--- Video is a particularly effective tool for evaluating public speaking techniques. This is especially true if we are at a distance from each other or are not always able to meet in person. I can review videos you supply or use my own equipment to make videos of your speeches, whether in a practice setting or actually out in public. In all cases, I keep the material strictly confidential and transfer the videos to my clients without additional charge.

Q.--- What about platform humor?
A.--- I believe humor is one of the great keys to success as a public speaker. Most people try too hard. I can show you how to craft humor that works for you and your particular audience. We'll have fun in the process.

Q.--- Can you help me with TV and radio interviews?
A.--- Yes, this is a specialty. I myself have been interviewed hundreds of times, and I can give you an approach that works.