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Elliot Essman's innovative public speaking training techniques have helped a wide variety of people become confident, effective public speakers. Whether you are in business, one of the professions, government, education or public service, Elliot can show you how to break through barriers and reach new heights of self-development. Elliot is located in Westchester County, New York and also serves clients in New York City.

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Reaching Other People

Communications specialist and public speaking trainer Elliot Essman builds bridges among his audiences. Why we reach other people is as important as how. We can all get in touch with the essence of being human. A motivator, of course, but also a warm entertainer. Elliot Essman is available for a wide variety of public speaking tasks: keynotes, workshops, and interactive public speaking training.

  • It's Not What You Say, It's What They Hear

  • Motivation - a reason, not a rah-rah

  • Self Promotion - From Fear to Freedom

  • You're Getting Publicity - Now What?

  • Ten Keys to Public Speaking Success

  • Finding (and Taming) Your Inner Teenager

  • Take Your Foot off the Brake - Defuse Your Inner Critic

Whether it's a humorous after-dinner speech, a keynote, a hard-hitting workshop, ask Elliot how he can help you make your event a success.