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Meet Me at the Mall: a musical love
story about our favorite place

Will love really triumph in the busy world of the Marvelous Mall?

Do you think our heroine Melissa will really marry Albert Acquisition, who has oodles of money, when all the while, the worthy Howard the Hairdresser pines for Melissa, and never fails to make her beautiful!

And how about Melissa's older sister, Karen the kleptomaniac. Will Karen be able to continue her nasty habit of shoplifting for thrills indefinitely? Will she ever get the right man to "capture" her.

During the busy holiday season, can the world's champion shopper, Granny, and the mall's moral authority, Sammy the Santa Claus, finally fulfill the crush they've had on each other since grade school, 75 years ago?

And how about our young teenage lovers, Brittany and Dion? Will they ever get over their jealousy and learn how to achieve true communication?

Will the cell phones ever stop ringing?

These and other burning questions will be answered in:

Meet Me at the Mall
An Original Musical
Music, Lyrics and Book by Elliot Essman

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