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Meet Me at the Mall: a musical love story
about our favorite place

Character Age Description
Melissa Mallshopper 26 Everybody loves Melissa, but she's a little confused about who she loves. Engaged to up-and-comer Albert Acquisition.
Albert Acquisition 32 Melissa's financ. .. oops, we mean fiancé. Makes oodles of money, but only has time to do his shopping online.
Howard Hairdresser 31 Doubles as a computer genius. He is responsible for keeping Melissa beautiful. Loves Melissa and schemes to get her.
Karen Mallshop(lift)er 32 Melissa's older sister, a compulsive shoplifter and perennially desperate single woman. Could very well get into trouble in Act Two.
Joe Katchum 42 Crack mall security specialist. Joe is his own man and takes a philosophical view of the mall experience.
Brittany Mallshopper 17 Younger sister to Melissa and Karen. Works in the Merry Music Store. Shows $950,000 worth of million dollar legs.
Dion Delightful 17 Brittany's boyfriend. Works in women's shoe store. Jealous beyond description.
Granny the Great 81 Grandmother to Melissa, Karen and Brittany. Legendary shopping genius.
Sammy Santa 81 Life-long mall Santa Claus and philosophical voice of the play. Has had crush on Granny since kindergarten.
Marylin Mallhater
54 Mother to Melissa, Karen and Brittany. Hater of malls, shopping and all things commercial. Can get you depressed just by saying "hello." Never wrong.
Preston Podiatrist 56 Podiatrist, father to the girls and Marilyn's husband. Always wrong.

Meet Me at the Mall
An Original Musical
Music, Lyrics and Book by Elliot Essman

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